Is it more fun to have a fling with a cheating wife?

The interesting thing about the whole mythology of the cheating wife is that automatically having sex with that person would be amazing. The thinking is that since this person is having sex on the side and on the sly, there’s an added sense of danger and mystery in the sex act. A lot of people think that since it’s forbidden then, by necessity, it’s going to be a great experience.

Well, you’d be surprised as to how many guys screw this up. In absolute terms, yes, the ingredients are there for a more profound and greater degree of fun having sex with somebody who is not supposed to be having sex with you, but it’s very easy to screw things up if you don’t pay attention to the factors that make this type of fling more fun than average. Make sure that these factors are present so you can get your money’s worth so to speak. You have to remember that you’re spending a lot of time, effort and energy running after married women. Once you score, make sure it’s worth all the hassle.

No strings attached

If you want to have great sex, it’s all about not having any emotional strings attached. That’s the bottom line. Just keep it physical. Keep it focused on physiological functions and ensuring that both of you have a tremendous amount of physical intimacy. It’s all about savoring the moment. Once you focus on the basics then a lot of the unnecessary drama that emotional attachments bring to the table goes away. They put a lot of pressure on you. Don’t get me wrong. Emotional attachments can take sex to a much higher level, however, the chances of that happening is actually much lower in a fling. Indeed, the chances of emotional attachment completely sabotaging your fun are much higher so park your emotions at the door and focus instead on physical intimacy and physical creativity and expression.

No trust issues

There are no trust issues because she’s cheating with you then the fun level can increase. The problem with many couples is that there is always a possibility that at least one of them is cheating. This can cut into the physical intimacy of the sex act. Since the trust issue has been resolved in your situation then you can put this out of the way and focus instead on enjoying the moment with her.

It’s all about fun

As long as you focus on just having fun with her and she’s on the same page as you, everybody is going to have a good time. You have to remember that it’s very hard to be disappointed if you have the right expectations. Unfortunately, if you set the wrong expectations then it can be very easy to be disappointed. It really all boils down to that. As long as both of you are resolved and are clear about both of you having fun then you’re good to go. If you’re going to throw in all sorts of emotional complications then all that will basically spoil whatever fun you could have had with a cheating wife.

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